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Hi! I am Kajal Gupta, a 25-year-old who lives each day like her last, who believes life is not about surviving but thriving, living each day to the fullest, and doing more of what makes you feel fully alive. Born in a restrictive family, I have been a rebel from the start, but I believe in being a rebel only for the right reasons, in fighting only for battles that end in peace and happiness, whether for me or others.

I believe travel has the power to change anyone’s life. It has certainly changed mine for good and has helped me to learn and grow into the human I am today. It makes you humble, kind, open-minded, flexible and whatnot. It makes you come out of your cocoon and see the world at large. It doesn’t solve your problems but gives you the courage to, as long as you don’t see it as an escape but a means to live.

Also, I feel it helps keep your inner child alive, having fun and trying out adventures in the rawest form possible. Hence, I have dedicated my life for the last two years to travelling and writing. I want to introduce everyone to this world, share my lessons and help people live a better life, however little I can. Hope this page helps you in some way.

I am always reachable in case there is anything more you feel I can help you with, even if it’s just to plan your next crazy thing or to help you follow your heart and passion despite a restrictive family.



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