Is she really an open book, as she calls herself?

Or is she a trip leader, a writer, a traveller, a friend as we know her?

But who is she beneath all of these masks?

What hides behind that million-dollar smile, may I ask?

Who is Kajal?

A happy soul as we know her today, but what truly lies in her heart? Do we know?

Is she the strong, fierce, warrior we know her as? The girl who pushes her limits every day, who scares even fear away, who fights for her rights, and stands up for everyone who can’t for themselves.

Or is she the happy-go-lucky, fun-loving one? The girl who dances her heart out, who celebrates life, who becomes happy in small moments, who dares to live, tries out every adventure, and takes life as it comes.

Is she destined to distribute smiles? The girl who will lend her smile to anyone who needs it (said her tarot card reading), who carries her heart on her sleeve, who preaches vulnerability and writes her deepest feelings for the world to relate to, read and feel better.

Or is she the girl who has seen more traumas than can be counted? The girl who has seen more pain than can be endured, who has suffered more than one could take, whose heart has been broken enough to never really be repaired.

Maybe she is all of that and much more.

Maybe she celebrates and cherishes and realises the importance of everyone’s birthday because hers was never celebrated. Maybe she distributes smiles and wants everyone to be happy because she has seen real pain. Maybe she lives to love because she has been unloved by so many. Maybe.

What can we truly say? Who is Kajal? It’s a mystery that still remains.

Hi! I’m Kajal and I love to travel. Follow along as I travel around the globe and share my favorite places.

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